Research Shows...
That one minute of planning saves five minutes of activity. A 500% ROE (Return On Energy) sounds like a pretty good investment.
Are you ready to make some plans?
Let's Dive Deep To Grow Your Brand & Business.
Our programs are designed to get you maximum results in minimal time. Our 3-day immersions in Branding, Business Model Development, Marketing Strategy and Mindset are all guaranteed to deliver the outcomes we promise. And we ONLY work with people who we believe we can serve at the highest level, which means that we personally speak with each and every person before they can sign up. 
"You can't see the label of the jar you're in." 
Leadership and mentorship are the best way to generate results faster. Why? Lots of reasons. Firstly, because we all have blind spots, and it's really hard (impossible, really) to have perspective on our own blind spots in real time (AKA: "you can't see the label of the jar you're in.")

Second, in the words of Tony Robbins: "The surest way to be successful is to model successful people." Going it alone is not only hard, it's inefficient. We've learned the hard lessons the hard way – and we can save you time, energy and frustration. 

Lastly, we all need support to stay focused, accountable and inspired when times get tough. Chances are your friends and family are NOT the best people to get advice from. Surround yourself with engines who drive you and see how much more effective (and more fun!) business can be. 
Mentorship is the best way to fast-track your results.
Before you take another step, sign up for an Alignment Session to get some expert perspective on where you are, and to learn how we can support you in your journey to build your brand, grow your business and develop yourself personally. 

An Alignment Session will help you clarify what you need and want, as well as identify the next best steps for you to make it happen. You'll also get real, honest feedback about whether we can help you. 
An Alignment Session Is Right For You If...
  • You're interested in our programs, but not sure which one you need.
  • You like what you see, and want to make sure we're a fit for each other.
  • You're coachable and open to new ideas and perspectives. 
  • You are ready for guidance and mentorship.  
  • You're an action-taker and tend to implement quickly.
  • You're purpose-driven as well as profit-driven.
PS - We have a "no pressure" policy, which means that even if you don't end up working with us, no problem. Our objective is to serve and support people who are committed to adding value to the world, just like we are. We also know that when we add value, it always comes back to us – maybe you'll work with us, maybe you'll refer us, maybe you'll just send us good karma. And we love good karma.
When you take the time to strategize, plan, clarify your goals, and take inventory of exactly where you stand BEFORE taking action, you get the results you want quicker and easier.
“I regularly attend workshops and retreats, and "Awaken Your Inner Superstar" took me to a whole new level. 
From a personal development perspective, this was the best weekend of my life. An amazing experience of energy, alignment…and growth.”
Pilar Ortiz – Talent, Speaker, Coach
“At The Brand & Business Model 3-Day Retreat [now called "Awaken Your Inner Superstar,"] I nailed my niche and
 within 4 months I doubled my income 
and had my first 5-figure month....
 And now I'm having a blast!” 
LeeAnn Marie Webster
 – Totally Telesummits
Meet Superstar Speaker & Brand Strategist...
Michelle Villalobos

Hi, I'm Michelle Villalobos, Founder of the Women’s Success Summit and The Superstar Business Programs. 

My mission is to help you align your core genius with your business... So you make more money while doing what you LOVE, sharing your gifts and making a bigger impact!

To get to know us better and see if and how we can support you, sign up for an Alignment Session with one of our Superstar Coaches. 

This call will provide clarity, focus and direction so you can move forward powerfully – whether that's with one of our programs, or not – either way is fine and there's no pressure. 
“Michelle has changed my life. The way I see it – I think in pictures – before Michelle I was like a black and white TV, and when I met Michelle, I turned into color.” 
MONICA REYES, Creator of Spiritual Success Journey
“In the first week after my 3-Day Retreat, I used the
 Superstar Sales System Michelle gave us and closed my first deal 
ever, a $7,500 monthly retainer for a year. Within 
3 months, I'd landed 4 more retainer clients using the exact same process."
Sol Picón – Picón & Co. Strategic Marketing & Communications for Art, Design & Culture
Our Most Popular In-Person Immersion Programs
“Before [working with Michelle,] I’d lost interest in my niche and getting clients was an uphill battle. In this program I’ve learned to generate referrals and leads, refined my sales conversation, met amazing friends, and made improvements in my systems. More importantly, I’ve tapped into my true gifts, from which I derive joy and energy. Now the prospects and prosperity are flowing.
Rosine Kushnick – Spiritual Mentor for Purpose-Driven Leaders
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